Innovating Technology Helping Customers be Successful in a Changing World.
Innovating TechnologyHelping Customers be Successful in a Changing World.


Power Technologies, LLC has been a major source for fiber optic cable and assemblies for decades. Over the past 20 years, we have grown into a diverse competitor in the fiber business.

Through training and dedication we are consistently growing and looking for new ways to bring better product to our customers. Our employees have and are still going through vigorous training to provide service and quality to our customers.

We have worked closely with well known fiber optic companies such as AFL & OCC.  We carry fiber cables ranging from 2, 4, 6, 12, and 24 in both Single Mode and Multimode. We also carry these cables in distribution and breakout series.  While we have a wide range of cable styles we also have the ability to build up assemblies.  When building these assemblies we use a couple different style connectors, such as but not limited to Amphenol TFOCA series, Hartings, SC’s, ST’s, and LC’s.

We also have the ability to test, repair, and reinstalled recovered fiber assemblies.  We put them through rigorist testing to make sure there are no issues and will fix any issues that may arise.  We also Respool the cable in order to check the cable for any nicks or gouges to make sure it work and looks almost new. 

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Power Technologies
605 East Illinois St
 Petersburg, IN 47567

Phone: (812) 354-8156

Fax:(812) 354-2176

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